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When you need fast, effective repairs for your plumbing, you can’t trust them into the hands of just ANY company. You could be putting yourself at risk for bigger problems down the road if things aren’t done correctly. You need a company with the right experience, skills, tools, and commitment to give you the comprehensive plumbing solutions you want.

You need services and assistance from O'Connor's Plumbing Company!

  • Septic Pump out: Having your septic tank pumped out is one of the most important aspects of the life of your drain field system. Not having your tank pumped out can increase the amount of solid in the bottom of the tank and make in the way to the drain field system causing you to pay thousands to have it replaced. Your tank should be pumped out and inspected every 1-3 years. Now providing the best pump outs in South Florida with the best trucks! EXCEPTIONAL PUMP OUT PRICES WITH PRESSURE WASH INCLUDED TO LEAVE YOUR TANK SPOTLESS, HAVING YOUR DRAIN FIELD LAST YEARS!

  • Repiping & Remodeling: Need the pipes redone in your kitchen or bathroom? That’s our specialty! We have trained crews of certified specialists who can remove broken or damaged pipes and replace them with the durable, name-brand products that last. 

  • Water Heater Service & Installation: Whether you’re looking for a traditional tank for your water heater, or a modern tankless setup, we can install and service it in your home or business! O'Connor's Plumbing Company works with all of the best brand names on the market to ensure you get the quality water heater you want for your property.   

  • Slab Leak: There are times when the pipes in your floor – especially in older homes – can leak. That’s when you need a professional from O'Connor's Plumbing Company to come to you for expert repairs! We’ll handle all the details and give you a working, leak-free system that you can count on. 

  • Sewer Hook-Ups: Sewer hookups can be complex procedures. They require a certain type of advanced technology to do the job right, and a certain type of specialist to ensure everything goes according to plan. If you need repairs or total replacements for your sewer lines, O'Connor's Plumbing Company has the equipment and expertise you want. 

  • Insurance Claims: When it comes to insurance claims, and getting the money you need for plumbing repairs and replacements, let O'Connor's be your expert!


  • Emergency Plumbing Services

  • Video Sewer Line Inspections

  • High-Pressure Jetting

  • Lift Station Service & Installations

  • Dock Water Lines

  • Insurance Claims/ADA Remodeling

  • And so much more…

For more information about our services please call O'Connor's Plumbing Company at 904-767-4059

  • 1 hr
    170 US dollars
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